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Sustainable Wedding Dresses

A selection of wedding dresses hanging on a rail

The Dress - arguably the most exciting element of any wedding day!

Can we have a dress we have always dreamed of and be sustainable? My answer to that is "yes we definitely can!"

Times have changed, women are selling on their wedding dresses rather than letting them collect dust in the back of the wardrobe, meaning there is an incredible variety of stunningly beautiful pre-loved wedding dresses available to choose from.

Not buying new is without a doubt the most eco friendly option available to us and with slow fashion being a trend for the future many more conscious brides are going for a pre-loved dress.

These are a few of my favourite places online to find pre-owned wedding dresses.

Happy dress shopping brides to be.

Bride wearing an open backed wedding dress

The back of a brides wedding dress

Close up of a brides lap, she has lace petticoat draped over her knees

Back of a bride wearing an open backed, beaded wedding dress

If you would like to speak to us about partnering with you to create your dream wedding get in touch here.

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