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Events in their nature are not sustainable, but striving to do what we can to minimise the impact of the weddings we create is important to us. 

Transparency is also important to us, we cannot claim to be perfect, but sustainability is always on our radar and present in all the choices we make, and we are always adapting as more options become available to us.

This is what our little company is currently doing to work towards a more sustainable future in the events industry;


- We use 100% green electricity to power our office.

- Our office is based in my little rural Welsh cottage, reducing a need to travel to work and heat a further space.

- We source 100% recycled printer paper and keep our printing to an absolute minimum. 

- Everything in our office, from furniture and furnishings to lighting, computers, phones and even intray's are either vintage, pre-loved finds or reconditioned items. We have a very strong "don't buy new" policy.

- All our banking is with Triodos Bank who only make investments that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

- We stick to online marketing only avoiding flyers, posters or any excessive printing or waste.

- We use all-natural products for cleaning our spaces and our stock, our storage containers are all made from recycled plastic and our business benefits from all the sustainable living choices my household has made.


- We only cover Wales to minimise travel (and it's so beautiful here why would we need to go any further!).

- We also keep our suppliers local to reduce any unnecessary travel.

- We locally hire in everything we need from decor to napkins, meaning nothing is single-use.

- If we are looking for something that we can't hire we always source pre-loved.

- Imported and heavily sprayed flowers are bad news on so many levels. We work with local florists who grow their flowers in Pembrokeshire and share our green ethos.  If they don't have everything we need, they buy in chemical-free blooms from other UK growers.

- We make careful choices with our floristry displays, opting to always have our flowers in water in repurposed vessels whenever possible. Oasis is a massive cause of plastic pollution, as are all the little plastic tube alternatives used for floral installations, but we are also aware that moss takes many years to grow and, on mass, is not a sustainable solution. We have been working with biodegradable oasis, but sadly it is not turning out to be as biodegradable as was first claimed. We are now testing out Agra wool and other possible solutions. We have not yet found the one perfect solution, but we care and are continuing to problem solve and research for the best possible current solutions.

- We do our best to make sure flowers are enjoyed for as long as possible by sending them home with friends and family and we compost all our green waste.

- From string to pins, floristry wire and tape we choose natural materials and avoid any plastics.

- We separate all our rubbish onsite and recycle.

- We do everything we can to make sure there is as little waste as possible at every event.

- When making supplier selections ourselves we work with companies who share in our ethos and source local produce.

- From rings to honeymoons we offer advice and inspiration to couples on how they can make less impactful choices.  

We are always looking at what we can improve on and pledge to keep sustainability at the heart of all our decision making. 


              greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it"

Robert Swan


Beautiful wildflowers in pinks and purples in vintage earthenware jars to decorate an alfresco wedding table.

Our Ethos

Ness x

Alfresco wedding table decorated with wildflowers and potted herbs.



" Our annual event in Pembrokeshire, which Ness helps to plan and manage, has to date gone very smoothly. Her vision and style are beautifully balanced with practical talents for co-ordinating people and resources. Even in the middle of our celebrations when problems arise, she keeps a cool head. It's great to have her as part of our team"