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Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planner bending down talking to two flowers girls and a page boy just before they walk the aisle. They are outside standing in front of a wall and the flower girls are wearing white dresses

This is a question that gets asked a lot, so a blog explaining a bit about what us planners do is way overdue!

From working closely with couples over the years I have learned that we are all so individual. Every couple has their own unique vision of what they want their day to be, as well as their own areas of planning they are excited about, and areas they feel totally overwhelmed by.

That said, the benefits of hiring a planner vary slightly for every couple - but in a nutshell, we are here to remove any stress from your planning journey, whatever that may be for you.

I've listed below what, I believe are, the top 6 reasons why having the right planner by your side can be a game changer.

Personal Support Team

Most planners offer full wedding planning, on-the-day coordination, and pretty much anything in-between. We are basically your support team, in it together, there to take on as much or as little as you need to ensure you get to fully enjoy your planning process.

A good planner will give you the loyalty of a close friend, an ever listening ear, and a consistently calm approach. They will be someone to bounce ideas off, someone to give you straight-talking, un-biased, experienced advice, and someone to happily take on any of the workload you would rather not, allowing you to have fun, feel truly inspired, and to enjoy looking forward to your wedding.

Wedding planner preparing an outdoor wedding table. She is tying flowers onto a chair and there is a forest in the background. The table linens are grey.


We all have super busy lives, and the logistics of planning an event can be really time consuming. This is an area where couples can often feel daunted, and where a planner excels.

A planner will help you streamline the wedmin process by initially outlining the timeline of the planning journey, and building personalised wedding spreadsheets where everything "wedding" can be stored in one place. They will then happily support you with budgets, contracts, timelines, emails, schedules, invites, wedding websites, floor plans, calculations, bookings - the list goes on.

Delegating part, or all, of these roles to a planner can keep the time you spend on wedmin efficient, and leave you safe in the knowledge that nothing will be forgotten, or slip through the cracks.

Wedding checklist hand written on a notebook with lavender and baby's breath sprigs lying on the table next to the notebook.


Whatever your budget is, it’s worth making the most of. Having a professional on board here will help you to allocate your budget in a realistic and smart way, prioritising all the things that matter most to you.

A planner will give you honest advice about where the money will have the most impact, while also educating you about why things cost what they cost, and what you can expect to pay for things.

Unchecked, wedding related costs can spiral pretty quickly, having a professional eye managing your budget can save you both time and money in the long run.

Wedding table with layered linens in grey tones, silver glasses, cream earthenware jars holding tall cream candles, autumnal flowers in whites and deep reds and a eucalyptus runner. The table wear is duck-egg blue with white flowers, the napkins are tied with dark green ribbon, and the place names are hand painted with a watercolour feather.

The right suppliers

With years of local and industry knowledge behind them, a planner will guide you in finding a team of talented suppliers that perfectly fit your style, budget and vision, freeing up hours of online searches, and providing you with a team that you can trust to deliver your day seamlessly.

As you build your relationship with the suppliers you’ve chosen, your planner will ask the right questions, keep them up to date with schedules and changes, and, on the day, work alongside them as a cohesive team.


Styling can play a key role in the support a planner offers couples. Undoubtedly one of the most exciting aspects of the planning process - the design concept is an area you can get carried away with, and sometimes a little lost in (especially with the endless Pinterest ideas)!

As well as helping couples discover which elements of the wedding framework they actually want, while helping them let go of the parts that don’t reflect them, a planner will help you unlock your style, and weave your personality into your day. They will offer inspiration, and play with ideas and mood boards until you have a detailed design plan in place. What's more, a planner has the experience, confidence, enthusiasm, skill and resources to bring every last detail together to perfection.

Two brides standing hand in hand under tree's. there is a white chandelier hanging behind them and they both have bouquets and floral crowns. They are laughing.

On the day

On the wedding day a planner is invaluable! You can juggle life and wedding planning, but when it comes to the day itself you just need to be 100% present, with nothing to distract you from having an amazing time!

The first one in, and last one out, the wedding day is the day all us wedding planners shine! No task is too big or too small – We are on hand making sure people, décor and details are where they need to be, and buffering you from all the logistics and practicalities that every wedding day inevitably requires. We problem solve, smooth over, tidy, keep the schedule ticking, look after guests and suppliers, and work tirelessly to ensure everything is more seamless and beautiful than you even imagined.

If you would like to speak to us about partnering with you to create your dream wedding get in touch here.


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