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Romantic Proposals in Wales

Carefully curated, deliciously dreamy engagement proposals are becoming ever popular, with more and more gorgeous images of enchanting engagement proposal ideas appearing on Pinterest, people everywhere are feeling inspired to do something a little unique and special for their loved ones when they pop the all important question.

Our proposal planning journey started with this gorgeous couple - Himal and Anita.

Beach picnic engagement proposal scene - A couple kissing inside a boho tipi structure on a beach. There are picnic blankets, cushions and flowers, he has just proposed.

Himal contacted me early last year asking if we could help him bring together his incredibly romantic vision of a secluded beach sunset picnic proposal somewhere on the south Pembrokeshire coastline.

Super busy with wedding planning, proposal planning was not something we had considered offering at the time, but completely inspired by his starry-eyed vision, we couldn't resit saying yes to helping him pull off the proposal of his dreams.

Creating beautiful spaces in natural settings is basically what we love to do most, so Beth and I were instantly excited and set about pooling our wealth of local knowledge to pick the perfect secluded location to bring Himal's idea to life.

It was such a joy to create, Anita said yes! And now we are completely hooked on designing intimate scenes to pop the question.

Couple sitting next to a fire on the beach. They are drinking cocktails and toasting marshmallows.

Since then we have been honoured to have been involved in planning and delivering many more truly magical proposal settings, Beth has become our official "proposals planner" and we are feeling really excited about the future.

Rustic wooden jetty decorated with flowers and candles for an engagement proposal.

We are big believers in less is more and keeping it natural. We are all about genuine, heart led moments over grand gestures and understand that delicate elegance coupled with whimsical touches of personal style create sincere and unforgettable moments.

But even the simplest of gestures can be logistically impossible to pull off on your own and we are more than happy to help!

We love everything we do to be unique and utterly personal so we have steered away from creating proposal packages, but we have teamed up with a photographer, secluded getaways, a florist and caterers (all of whom are local and share in our sustainable ethos) to be able to offer a variety of options for the wildly romantic who love the great outdoors and dream of proposing in this incredibly beautiful part of the world.

A night scene with lots of glowing Moroccan lanterns hanging from tree branches.

If you would like to plan a proposal in Wales we would love to help. Get in touch here to find out more.


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