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Rhianwen and Oli's weekend at Plas Glansvin

It's not often that a couple contacts me a few weeks before their big day and I still have a free space in the diary, especially in the peak of the wedding season!

But this was the case for Rhi and Oli, and with their venue being only 2 miles from where I grew up (a manor house that every member of my family have worked in over the years!), and loving the ideas they had for their weekend, I couldn't resit squeezing them into the busy summer schedule!

I am so glad I did! Such a great wedding to be part of... . .

It was obvious in our first meeting how hard Rhi had worked to bring the vision of their dream day to fruition, and realising last minute how much there is still to do on the day itself, but feeling that they wanted (and definitely deserved) to just relax and enjoy it, I was really happy to be able to step in.

So after a series of meetings over the phone and putting together a schedule on their behalf, I arrived on Friday impressed to find literally an army of friends and family setting out the props and decor that had clearly taken so much thought and time to create.

I loved all the little personal touches Rhi wove so well into the decor plan - The nod to Harry Potter for her beloved :)

Thanks to a super organised bride and groom, amazingly helpful ushers, bridesmaids, friends and family and professional hard working suppliers this day was a total pleasure to coordinate.

Aside from a bit of rain (there's always the odd thing that's out of our control!) the day was perfect and the celebrations went on way into the night!

A special thanks to Lewis Frackrell Photography for capturing the details and to Sugarloaf Catering for doing a fab job - You were all a pleasure to work with!

If you would like to speak to us about partnering with you to create your dream wedding get in touch here.

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