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Spring weddings.

Spring in Wales, what a special time of year.

Every year I forget just how magical it is, and every year I am overwhelmed by the immense joy in my heart when it arrives.

It's not to say that I don't like the winter - I love the beauty of the bare trees, and the sun being so low in the sky that it shines right through my windows, brightening up the house on even the shortest of days.

I love the Robyn tapping on my window when the bird table is empty, and cwtching up with my daughter in front of the fire on wet days.

But the wonder of spring is a different thing all together, it never fails to bring smiles and excitement.

I love to see the bulbs in my garden pushing their way up a little further every day, buds appearing here and there, and the days slowly getting longer.

At first life is just ever so slowly creeping back, then all of a sudden there is an amazing spread of colour everywhere, so bright it almost overwhelms the eyes.

My favourites are the bright limes of new leaves that you only find at this time of year, setting a backdrop for a colourful array of spring flowers.

So much variety to choose from when looking for inspiration that it's almost hard to know where to start.

Here are 6 great reasons to plan a spring wedding.

1, The season of new beginnings, what a perfect time for a wedding. Uniting your love in a time of growth has got to be a good thing.

2, After months of short days it's also the time when everyone's ready to come out and celebrate, what better time could their be for a coming together of friends and family in celebration of love.

3, There's an almost endless array of seasonal flowers at your disposal at this time of year, whatever your colour pallet may be.

4, With our seasons getting a little more unpredictable over the years, one thing I have noticed as an emerging pattern is a bout of glorious sunshine between April and June - definitely something to take advantage of Wales!

5, Choosing to wed in spring, before the summer season kicks in (bringing with it festivals and weddings galore), means that not only do your guests have freer diaries, but so do lots of services like marquee and tent hire, caterers etc.

6, Plus if you're planning to make a weekend of it, there are plenty of bank holidays.

For more spring wedding inspiration have a look at my spring inspired Pinterest board.

If you would like to speak to us about partnering with you to create your dream wedding get in touch here.

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