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Green wedding inspiration

I love green, in its many beautiful shades it can reflect all seasons, and is readily available to lend itself as a striking, eco friendly and often free decor at any time of the year.

As well as creating a naturally stunning and calming atmosphere, in ancient tradition green is the colour of unity, prosperity, growth, luck and marriage.. . .Whether you chose to include it in a colour palette, or to simply use it on its own, it's an ideal starting point for a wedding colour scheme.

Simple botanical touches keep a theme fresh and striking... . . .

For generations greenery has been used to dec the halls for winter celebrations, and even in the darkest months when most plants are hiding underground, there is still an impressive array of foliage brightening up the greyest of days.

Ranging from dark shades through to silvers, there is so much on offer to create a stunning backdrop for every winter wedding.

The limes and yellows of spring are gorgeously striking, waking our hearts from the long winter months... . . .

And with pink being the colour of love, they make a perfect combination.. . . . .

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